Our focus has an emphasis on Spanish and Latin American cuisine with a European twist (tapas & small plates). At Sangria it is our priority to provide local organic produce and unique gourmet products from Europe, U.S, and Latin America. Our head Chef, Daniel Pullido, was born in Bogota Colombia where he began his culinary background in diverse cuisine. He graduated as a cook and pastry chef from Mariano Moreno Culinary School and then moved to Spain to work in many different restaurants like Restaurant Tattoria L’ Arcada (Girona), Cal Audal (Girona), Caldas de Boi Spa (Lleida), Asistos E.T.T(Barcelona), Meditempus E.T.T (Barcelona), Cuatro Restaurant (Cadaques-Girona) Salvador Dali’s native city. He recently came over from Spanish restaurant Coqueta in Youngsville (Napa Valley) to join our team and provide Sangria with a unique dining experience, while Colleen (The Owner) is adding some of her favorites dishes and adding the Caribbean element, making Sangria a must go place to visit!